Open your new restaurant in the typical Neapolitan style

Do you have the desire to open a Neapolitan restaurant and pizzeria?

Are you convinced that Neapolitan cuisine is appreciated by customers in your region? 

Your dream is about to come true.

We know what we do and we like doing it well! Do not stop even if you are not a Neapolitan expert. By joining Neapolis – le Taverne di Lucullo® you will be able to quickly acquire the secrets of Neapolitan cuisine. You will soon be able to manage your new restaurant and offer your customers real and exclusive delicacies.

You will not therefore need any particular skills conserning Neapolitanity. It will be enough to rely on us! We will guide you in the world of Neapolitan dishes, offering you the knowledge, the gestures and the necessary recipes.

Obviously we will follow you in the search for a suitable location and we will equip the pizzeria with everything you need.